Our ice cream

Ice cream in wafer sandwich

Creamy - 220 ml

Ice cream in wafer sandwich

Chocolate - 220 ml

Ice cream in wafer sandwich

Caramel - 220 ml

Ice cream in sweet cone

Creamy - 110 ml

Ice cream in cocoa coating

Creamy - 50 ml

Ice cream in tub

Creamy - 1000 ml

IMPERIUM Forest fruit

Forest fruit ice pop, 120 ml


Three chocolate ice cream, 150 ml


Vanilla-strawberry ice cream, 150 ml

IMPERIUM Pistachio

Pistachio ice cream with pistachio centre


Vanilla ice cream with caramel centre, 110 ml

IMPERIUM Cranberry and Pomegranate

Cranberry and pomegranate flavoured ice cream, 110 ml

KUBÍK dairy ice cream cone

KUBÍK dairy ice cream cone, 110 ml

Vanilla-caramel ice cream

With liquid caramel center - 75 ml

4 types of ice cream

250 ml

Taste is what matters…

New products

Try our new range IMPERIUM


Every year we have something new for you. Also this year! Try our new range IMPERIUM.

Dairy ice cream in a big cone. Do you prefer tripple chocolate or classic strawberry-vanilla?

You can also try pistachio ice cream with soft pistachio centre or vanilla ice cream with soft caramel centre. Or would you like to taste something unique? Then cranberry/pomegranate ice cream is best option for you!

We also have something for fruit ice cream lovers….delicious forest frut ice pop with high fruit content!


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